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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Claustrophobic Feet

I have come to the conclusion that I have been plagued with claustrophobic feet.

It all started a long long time ago. I remember running around barefoot on the farm. I'd run through the rock, yard, bean field, and barn without a second thought. As long as I had bare feet, my soul was free.

Growing up we had a rule of thumb about going barefoot. We weren't allowed to go outside barefoot until my grandpa's birthday on May 16. As soon as the flowers were in bloom, the trees were in bud, the birds were nesting, and the bees buzzing, I longed to step outside into the fresh new grass and feel the silky blades between my toes. Numberless times I would creep outside without my parents knowledge and run free in the glorious grass. No pending consequence could take away the thrill I felt as I skipped and frolicked in the blazing sunshine.

When it came to shoes, my favorite were jelly shoes. Besides always having to pick the rocks out of the bottom, they were close to wearing nothing. As I grew older, I discovered Old Navy flip flops. They have been my affair ever since. I will wear flip flops from March-October. They let my feet breath, they give me freedom to sneak off my shoes under my desk and table that I teach at. Flip flops save me time in the morning. No need to sit down and put on shoes or waste time with ties. Unfortunately, when winter comes, it is inevitable that I must pack my flip flops away and dig out the socks and shoes. To make my feet slightly more tolerable of the confinement, I have taken to buying fun, loud socks. I have socks for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween. I have flowered socks, striped socks, and even cow print socks. Although during the winter months my feet may look like they are tickled-pink, they are not!! Deep down in the imprisonment of my shoes, my feet are screaming at me with anguish. They are suffocating, as though they are being buried alive.

The way my feet feel in shoes is not the only basis for my conclusion of claustrophobic feet. If you have ever been my roommate--whether it be in college, or on a school trip, have you ever noticed that the first thing I do when I see a bed is untuck the covers at the end of the bed? I do this because my feet can not bare to be stuck underneath the covers. The weight of the blankets on my feet put them into a state of panic. If I'm going to sleep, I'm going to sleep with the blankets over my body and my feet sticking out in the open air. I even prefer to have a fan constantly blowing on them.

I admit, I do have what I think is a circulation problem in my feet. In the winter they are frigid 90% of the time. I often agitate Eric by putting my feet on his feet at night for some warmth. BUT....once they are warmed up, they are blazing! It is then time to put out the fire. I pull the blankets out, stick my feet into the coolness of the night and let the fan blow on them as I drift off to dreamland.

As you can see, I have claustrophobic feet. Do you think there are medications for something of this sort??

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