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Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

About a month ago I cowardly ventured into the dentist office for my very first filling. With racing thoughts of golden teeth, immense pain, and dentures in the near future, I couldn't believe when the dentist exclaimed, "that's it!" Dumbfoundedly, I looked at him in disbelief that it was over and I hardly felt a thing and I got to keep all of my teeth!

Now that the cavity was taken care of it was time to discuss the malformation of my wisdom teeth. In all honestly, there was nothing to discuss. They needed to come out.....sooner rather than later. My doctor gave me a variety of surgical options. I could choose to have them pulled in his office without a local anesthesia but something to help me relax, or he would give me a written referal to an oral surgeon who would put me under.

Feeling mighty poised and audacious from having no problem whatsoever with the filling, I scheduled an appointment to have them pulled in the office. The morning of the procedure I was still feeling quite poised. We walked into the office and I was given a pill to help me relax. I turned on the TV to Ferris Beuler's Day Off and laughed with Eric and the Dentist at the principal getting mauled by Ferris' dog. It was during the scene of Ferris racing to beat his father home that the doctor started to supply my face with novacane. As he warned me about the shots on the roof of my mouth, Ferris was jumping over a fence onto a trampoline. The higher Ferris rose, the lower my tolerance fell. I began to panic. My heart was racing and my breathing was labored. My mind was racing in circles screaming at me for thinking I could do this without anesthesia. I was treading the deep waters but there was no turning back. I had to keep my head above the waters if I ever wanted to get out of that dental chair with any sort of pride. With a jittery smile in all attempt to ease the uncomfortabe situation, I asked, "that was it, right?"

You all know the answer.....I leaned back, closed my eyes, and thought of Cailyn and my wedding day while my face was numbing. As my face became paralyzed, my mind continued to be mobile. While the doctor began to dig for the roots of all evil in my mouth, I was unable to concentrate on anything other than the sounds coming from my mouth. The top two teeth came out quite easily. He worked on one, and I heard the *clink* of him dropping it into the cup. Then another *clink*. I relaxed a bit thinking, well....they slip right out! Nothing to this! Boy was I misconstrued!

It was the bottom two teeth that were the malicious dwellers in my mouth. With every jab, gouge, and nudge, neither tooth wanted to budge. The functioning in my face was slowly returning and I was able to feel the doctors yanks. I jumped back in my seat with a wince of pain and he realized that something would have to be done. I had high hopes of laughing gas and about 5 more of those happy pills, but instead another shot into the roof of my mouth. 10 minutes later, he was back in there, digging away. I could hear the ripping and tearing taking place in my mouth. I kept thinking that I must have given my teeth a secure place to grow and they just didn't want to leave their comfort zone. It was like agoraphobia of my teeth. They didn't want to leave their "safe place". Apparently the dentist had no concern for my agoraphobic teeth because he dug until both of them were uprooted and clinked into the cup with the top two.

I opened my eyes for a split second to see if we were done and caught a glimpse of blood covered gloves. I instantly closed my eyes again, secretly and silently saying a goodbye to my teeth while the dentist stitched up my mouth.

Before I left my chair, I took a look into the half-full cup of my bloody teeth and thought to myself, "it would have been worth the extra $600 to be put to sleep for this!" As we left the office, I was given two scripts for pain meds. I eagerly accepted them and sent Eric to the pharmacy to fill them.

I slept for the most of the remainder of the day. Eric and I had a few laughs at my attempt to eat and talk. Words came out sounding like the monsters on Sesame Street and my face was so swollen that my spoon could never find my mouth, leaving me unaware of the icecream dribbling down my chin onto the comforter of our bed.

Two days later and many pain pills later, I'm holding up alright. I have found my mouth once again, therefore am not starving to death and can even talk again! I long for a meal of mexican food, a bowl full of peanuts, and a cold crisp drink of Mountain Dew. As of now, I will continue eating soups, pastas and doing my salt water rinses. After the stitches come out next week, Eric and I have dinner plans at the local Mexican resteraunt!

As I look back, I feel like a stronger person for stepping up and taking the pain. As the dentist said, the bright side of things is that he has never known wisdom teeth to grow back. If for some freak reason they do happen to haunt their way back into the crevasse of my mouth, I know one thing for sure.....I will choose to sleep through their extraction!

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Casey O'Roake said...

oh my word! How crazy! You manage to make the painful experience sound funny! Not that it is funny though, but my favorite part of that whole story is how your words came out like the monsters on Sesame Street! lol! I can totally picture that! I'm not sure I'd be able to go back to the dentist after that. Thanks for sharing! :)