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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gag Me

The world we live in is a smelly place.

I don't think you can detect how many different things stink until you're pregnant. My sniffer is in it's prime. If there's a stench, I'll be the first to notice it. Not only will I distinguish the smell, but I will gag as though I'm choking and vomiting at the same time. I've been keeping a list in my head of my latest gag triggers. In descending order, the list goes like this.

5) Walmart. I don't know if it's the bakery, deli, or "Family Fun Center" but something about the Walmart in Newton smells like rotten eggs. I can smell it before we even step foot in the door. If my sensitivity to Walmart keeps up, Eric will have to do the Walmart runs the rest of the pregnancy-or I'll just make the trip to Altoona to go to Target!

4) Diapers. Of course dirty diapers never smell good, but I gag everytime I change a wet diaper! I realize that I cannot hand over every diaper duty to Eric so I have had to make provisions to help get me through each diaper change. Usually my solution is to pull my shirt up over my face and wipe as fast as I can! Cailyn thinks I'm playing a game and laughs and pulls her clothes over her face. At least she is entertained by her ability to make me vomit!

3) The Highway. There have been times (more in my last pregnancy than this one so far) that while driving down the interstate, a rusty old truck or huge kenworth semi will release some exhaust. Somehow that exhaust seeps through my windows into my car and with one whiff I'm gagging and choking and scrambling for a plastic "just in case" bag while driving! I'm sure people driving by me look over and question what the heck is going on in my car!

2) Public Restrooms. I've never been fond of these germ infested public means of relief. Being pregnant makes my fear of these places worse. I gag walking by them, I gag at the thought of them. I can't count the number of times I used the restroom after eating lunch at work and lost my lunch because of the smell. My only solution to this problem is to only use my own bathroom, which I keep smelling fresh and clean! The only problem with that is when you're pregnant you really don't have the option of "holding it".

1) My Students. I love my students dearly and do my best to teach them. Some of them are just plain smelly though! There are the ones that you can always smell, and then the ones who suddenly smell so bad that you can't even sit by them! The number one thing that made me hack up my breakfast with my last pregnancy was the gag reflex of smelling my students. Thank goodness for associates who can take charge while I go running for the bathroom (which, remember, also makes me yak).

Taking all of this into consideration and adding in all of the other pregnancy symptoms, one may wonder WHY anyone would want to do this pregnancy thing over and over again. My answer is simple. Every bout of morning sickness, every gag, and every ache and pain is an indication that I'm bringing a new innocent life into the (smelly) world. There is no greater joy than being a mom and going through the pregnancy only makes it seem more real. When it comes down to it, there is no question as to WHY I love being pregnant and being a mom. These pictures sum it all up.

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