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Monday, July 28, 2008

Army of Ants

My loyal readers know me well enough to know that I, Ellen Christine Thome-Grabe, am NOT a slob. I take after my mother. I clean relentlessly and feel uncomfortable in my own home if it is not in ship shape. I bleach sinks and countertops until they are white as fluffy clouds, I dust until I literally see that sparkle they show on the commercials. I vacuum until threads come up out of my carpet. My couch and chairs in my living have floor boards that they must sit on. I could practically make up my own Feng Shui art.

Why then, do I have an ant problem?! After a busy day of work in the morning, doctor appointments in the afternoon, and a tired, cranky, and sick baby, I sit down with my feet up and a caffeinated drink to stir up the child in utero and give me energy to clean and what do I see? An unwelcomed guest crawling across my end table. Last night one was making itself cozy on my couch next to me, which at first glance I thought was a spider and I jumped so high I hit the vaulted ceiling. Then, just a minute ago there was one crawling up my wall.

Where are these beasts of nature coming from? We have had the windows sealed shut for days in this humidity. Eric has sprayed this summer for bugs all around the house. Why do these six legged peeves want to invade my personal space? I do not want an ant farm as a household pet. I do not want them as wall decor. I certainly do not want to share my kitchen with them!

They say where there is one ant, there are more. Somehow these intuitive creatures are finding a way into my home and communicating back to their comrades that there is a place to go where a small child may leave a crumb or two on the floor.

Something must be done! If keeping the house clean and sanitized is not the answer, what is? How is it safe to put out ant poisening in the living room where Cailyn will certainly find it and mischievously eat it? Ant traps don't work worth a hoot. What is the solution? How do I rid my home of these fast moving pests?

The ants will not win. No matter how strong of an army they have, the Grabe army will defeat. We will stand strong until our home is restored to humans and felines only.

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