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Sunday, December 14, 2008

16 Facts About Me

Just a survey thing that was on Facebook....

1. I love to write. Not stories, but about life events. I love my blog and writing out my thoughts. I feel like being a magazine/newspaper columnist is my true calling.

2.I hate bugs. Especially spiders. The smallest spider makes me screach murder. I have to have someone kill it for me, then flush it, to ensure that it is actually dead. If I'm home alone I will drown it in bug spray and wait for someone to come flush it. Then I have nightmares about spiders that night.

3. I think becoming a mom is the most amazing event you can experience. And I don't think you realize it until you experience it. I love the birth process-the pain, the uncomfort, the exhaustion of it because once you see that tiny being you created and grew it is the most miraculous moment ever. I would go through the birth process time and time again just for that feeling you get when you first see your child.

4. I hate that the world is based on money and greed and power. I wish all would help, donate, share, and care about each other.

5. The only thing I really hate about being pregnant is getting fat. I've always been slim, slender, and petite. Before getting pregnant I had never been bigger than a size 3/4. After getting pregnant I can only wish and hope for that again! But when I look at my babies, size no longer matters.

6.I love junk food!!!!! I use to be able to eat and eat it without gaining a pound. It's a different story now!

7. My dream is to be a stay at home mom and spend time volunteering. I would like to adopt a stretch of highway, serve Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the homeless, be in a mentoring program, and volunteer time at a children's hospital.

8. I hate gossip and negative people. I try to avoid these things wherever I go, especially in the work place.

9. Being a mom is the best thing ever! Through the screams, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and sickness, the smiles, coos, giggles, hugs, kisses, "mama's", and firsts get me though. If you were to put a videa camera up in my house you would see me singing made up songs, dancing, tickling, rolling, jumping, and kissing my kiddos. I could sit and rock Bryce all day long and just stare at him. I could watch Cailyn's every move and never be bored. I tell my babies that I love them all the time and am determined for them to grow up knowing that they are loved.

10. My feet are always hot during the day and freezing cold at night.

11. I believe you can never take too many pictures of your kids. They are learning and exploring every moment of every day and I try to capture as much of it as I can. Before you know it, the moment is over and it's too hard to recreate!

12. I like things that smell good--candles, lotions, body sprays, air fresheners, shampoo, potpourri, scented oils...

13. I am a dreamer. I daydream about anything and everything and dream continuously through the night.

14. I love having a clean house and love the smell of cleaning products!!! I just hate getting motivated to do the cleaning!

15. I believe sleep is the best medicine.

16. I love music. Music can describe every event and feeling a person can have. Music has the ability to alter your mood by the flip of a switch.

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