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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Heaven feels like.....holding your newborn baby for the first time and gazing into it's eyes.

Heaven feels like.....the first time you child looks at you, smiles, and says "mama"

Heaven feels like.....cuddling up with your family in one queen size bed watching movies in
the dark on your laptop until the battery dies in the middle of an
ice/snow storm.

Heaven feels like.....watching your children laugh and interact together; knowing that their
love for eachother is completely unconditional.

Heaven feels like.....laying out in the grass on a warm breezy summer day with a good friend
watching the fluffy clouds float by talking about our pasts, present, and

Heaven feels like.....a full 8 hour night of sleep!

Heaven feels like.....the first time you feel that "flutter" from within your belly and knowing
that it is your baby bouncing around, growing, exploring....

Heaven feels like.....walking barefoot through freshly mowed grass.

Heaven feels like.....sitting in the sun reading a good book while listening to the leave rustle in
the breeze.

Heaven feels like.....the smell of a sleeping baby on your chest after a warm lavendar bath.

Heaven feels like....looking through old photos and reminiscing about the past.

Heaven feels like.....a massage, pedicure, manicure, and facial all in one day!

Heaven feels like.....the love you feel for your husband the first time you see him holding his
newborn baby.

Heaven feels many things that are good in this life that so many people forget to
stop and enjoy.

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