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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcom to Motherhood

If you have ever gotten those emails that talk about the joys of motherhood and how having a baby changes your life and you totally connect with them, you'll understand whole heartedly where this blog is coming from.

Since Bryce was born in September, my life has been turned upside down. Not in a bad way, just in a busy whirlwind kind of way. Needing only some breathing help at birth due to his prematurity, we were able to bring home our healthy 5 pound 2 ounce baby boy 2 days later.

Life was great. I had one boy, one girl...the perfect family. These kids have been the greatest joys of my life. And when I think about the bodily functions I have endured, I just laugh!

Since becoming a mother I have.....

been peed on

been pooped on

been thrown up on

had breast milk thrown up all over my chest

had breast milk coughed up in my face

ran into Cailyn's room when she cried out to find her covered in vomit

scooped poop out of the bathtub

scrubbed pee off my floors

sucked oodles of snot out of noses

had snot thrown up on me

put suppositories in my child

scrubbed poop out of baby clothes

scrubbed poop out of adult clothes

On the otherhand, since becoming a mother, I have....

witnessed the miracle of life

shared first smiles, coos and laughs with my babies

had my heart melt at the word "mommy"

received the best open mouthed slobbery kisses!

sat hours rocking my kids just watching them sleep

cried time and time again when the kids are sick or hurting

put my own needs aside to tend to their needs first

felt my heart grow each day

smiled more, laughed more, cried more, and prayed more than I ever had in my life

learned a whole new kind of love

The items on the second list far out weigh the items on the first. Both lists combined make me love my babies more each and every day.

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