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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Safe Haven

I recently had a discussion with a friend about how we take our pillows with us wherever we go. We discussed how not one pillow is as good as the pillow we have on our own bed, therefore that pillow is our home away from home. This all got me thinking though.....

There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I'm sure you have all said during your travels that you can't wait to get home and sleep in your own bed. Each time I have traveled, I have longed for a good night of sleep in the comfort of my pillow top mattress. It's not that I don't sleep well at all when I am staying other places, but it isn't the same type of sleep that I get in my own bed. It is almost like your own mattress is molded to your body the way the inside of your shoe molds to the shape and arch of your foot. When you wear a friend's shoe, it doesn't feel exactly right or comfortable on your foot, because each foot is as unique as the person walking on it. Each bed is as unique as the person sleeping in it. When I put on my own shoes, my toes, arch and heel all find their destined spot and are at ease. When I crawl into my bed, my shoulders, hips, arms, and legs all find their worn in places and relax with my mind as I drift to sleep.

I think you can also relate this concept to life in general. Everyone knows what it feels like to start something new and feel out of place or awkward. However, once that new situation, whether it be a place or person, takes on your mold, you feel more comfortable and at ease approaching it each day. You may even feel so comfortable with it, that you look forward to getting out of your personalized cradle of coziness, just to start each new day. It would be a miracle if all could feel this comfortable with their lives, and live their lives each day with excitement and fullness. Unfortunately, not everyone does or can.

On a personal note, my bed is my haven. A place where I go to let my dreams work out the stresses of my day. Sleep is the one thing that I need in order to stay positive, refreshed, and most important, to allow myself to mold to each new situation that comes across my path of life.

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