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Thursday, August 13, 2009

50 Reasons to Love Being a GIRL

Every woman has complained about being a woman and every man has heard a woman complain about being a woman. Many woman have even stated that they "hate being a woman. Men have it so easy". Complaints range from cramps and bloating to why can't my husband make me feel more worthwhile to if only I looked like that super model and could get rid of my gut. Although I have had my share of complaints about womanly features, flows, and functions, I have decided to look at it a different way. You are what you are, so here are 50 reasons why I love being a female!

1. You get doors held for you. Even if your hands are empty and your 20 feet away from the door, considerate men still wait for you with with open doors.

2. High heels and jeans.

3. Bubble baths with no worries of feeling too girly. Not many men can still feel as manly as Chandler on "Friends" while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath.

4. A monthly excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want.

5. Pedicures.

6. The ability to experience pregnancy.

7. The privilege of feeling that miraculous first kick during pregnancy.

8. The incredible journey of child birth and all the emotions that go with it.

9. Crying at chick flicks.

10. Crying at diaper commercials.

11. Crying just because you feel like crying!

12. It's ok to have long hair.

13. The joy of wearing beautiful gowns to proms, weddings, and other formal events.

14. Giggling.

15. Being called "mommy"

16. Pink, purple, fuscia, lavender, and all other girly colors!

17. Flip flops.

18. Make up. The ability to completely transform your face is like a little bit of time travel in a bottle!

19. Soap Opera's!

20. Pretty panties.

21. Bath and Body Works.

22. Having a good reason to suck at sports.

23. BOOBS!!! They can get you so much! :)

24. Being warmed by a man's jacket.

25. Actually enjoying holding hands and cuddling.

26. Receiving flowers.

27. Wearing capri pants isn't considered "gay".

28. Girly alcoholic drinks.

29. Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners.

30. Lotions that smell like a big bowl of fresh fruit.

31. Manicures.

32. Body spray.

33. The fact that we don't sweat nearly as much as men do. No worries about pit marks!

34. Enjoying simple things like babies laughing, rainbows, and the first blooming flower.

35. Having pretty toes.

36. Smooth, hair free legs.

37. Smooth, hair free arm pits. (without the dripping sweat!)

38. Not growing hair on your chest, arms, back, etc. Men really do resemble gorilla's.

39. Shopping! Clothes, makeup, perfume, lotion, shoes--all in one place! Brilliant!

40. Having crushes.

41. Woman tend to live longer.

42. Being able to cry your way out of a ticket. (or, using your boobs to get out of a ticket!)

43. Having separate showers in locker rooms.

44. Having stalls in bathrooms. No plopping down and peeing in front of strangers!

45. Men like to buy you drinks. Even if they don't know you. (this might go back to the boob thing!)

46. Watching your children grow and learn from you. Keeping pictures and scrapbooks and looking through them with your kids as they grow.

47. The ability to breast feed your child. It really is an amazing gift.

48. Not having to drive when we are in the car with a man :)

49. Jewelry making the outfit.

50. Being proposed to, receiving that sparkling engagement ring, and walking down the aisle a "little girl" and walking up the aisle transformed into a wife with the love of your life.

1 comment:

Eric said...

I don't know if I can come up with 50 reasons to like being a guy, but I'll give you props for coming up with 50 for being a woman.

Here are a few reasons I'm happy to be male:
1. Not having that time of the month, every month.
2. Being able to get ready for the day in just a few minutes.
3. Sports (even though I may not be that great at them)

I can't think of any more at this point in time. I'm just glad I'm a dude. :)