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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just a Teacher

"That teacher," you say, "is worthless each day." You moan and you groan and you blurt your thoughts out as though you sit upon a throne. Your eyes roll back and you huff and you puff, yet you never look past your very own gruff. Your negative thoughts pour out to your friends and seep to your neighbors as you try transcend. The words you use are harsh and profane and give you the attention that you seek to gain. Your goal is for control of my thoughts and emotions, and while those words may hurt, I will hold my head high as you enjoy your concert.

Although my tears may flow, deep down I know, my dedication will show. I strive to teach, connect with, and love, these kids who I think the world of. Down on my knees I look at the world through the eyes of my three's. Each ball of fire if full of desire for the knowledge they want to inquire. They each are their own little person within, and we smile and laugh with each day we begin.

Some critics may say my job is worth the low pay. I only work part of the year, no holidays or summers, what a career! The truth is, my job never stops. This may be hard to comprehend but I work through the summers and on nights and weekends. I don't see any overtime, not even a dime. The work I do is not for the pay, but for the satisfaction I leave with at the end of each day. With a high five, handsake or hug; I say my goodbye with a love that will never die.

I kids are the reason I chose this path, I will keep moving forward despite parental wrath.

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