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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Like A Mom

At our most recent staff meeting our principal handed out a piece of paper to us that had a start of a sentence written on it. We were asked to complete the sentence that started with, "I am like a mom to my students because I....". After we all turned ours in, our principal read them aloud to us. It was interesting to hear the different opinions of how we are all like mothers to our students, especially at the various grade levels. A few examples were: I am like a mom to my students because I tie shoes all day long." and "I am like a mom to my students because I remind them to brush their teeth and wear deodorant". The more I thought about this sentence completion task, the more I realized that I am not only a biological mother to 2 children, I am also a mother to 12 other children each day. Here is my list of how I am like a mom to my students.

I am like a mom to my students because...

-I tie shoes.

-I help them go potty.

-I fix little girls' ponytails, pigtails, and snarls.

-I zip coats.

-I button and unbutton jeans.

-I read them stories.

-I wipe noses.

-I wipe faces.

-I feed them snack and remind them to chew and put one in at a time.

-I hug them all each day.

-I hold hands with them.

-I TEACH them.

-I wipe away tears.

-I change their pants when they have an accident.

-I celebrate their accomplishments and praise their efforts.

-I teach them right from wrong.

-I fix their owies with cuddles and bandaids.

-I hug them, pat them on the back, and listen to them when they are feeling down.

-I sing them songs and nursery rhymes.

-I remind them to say please and thank you.

-I switch shoes to the right feet.

-I catch them at the bottom of the big slide.

-I remind them how special they are.

-I help them explore their surroundings.

-I feel the need to take pictures of everything they do.

-I feel the need to hang their work up all over the classroom and hallway to show it off.

-I help them remember their backpack.

-I clip notes to their shirts and backpacks :)

-I remind them to flush the potty and use toilet paper.

-I help them wash their hands.

-it hurts me to see them hurt.

-I think about them when I go home at night.

-I dream about them.

-I spend my own money on fun things for them.

-I make sure they have hats, mittens, boots, and coats in the winter.

-I count to 3

-I use animated voices and facial expressions.

-I keep them away from harm.

-I love them like my own.

My list could go on and on. In no way do I want others to think that feel like I NEED to mother my students. I know that they all have mom's at home. I want them to feel safe, secure, and confident at school and I have accomplished this by being like a mom to them while they are away from their mommies.

Now can you share how YOU are like a mom to your students?

I wish you all a happy Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

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