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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let Them Be Little

Tonight after the kitchen was cleaned up from dinner I sat down on the couch to work on some school work. The kids were playing together and I got involved in researching some new items for my classroom and figuring out my lesson plans for the week. As the 7:00 hour approached I was in a zone and dreaded the approaching bedtime for Cailyn and Bryce. I knew that I would soon be pulled from my work to put them to bed. At 7:30 after an episode of "Veggie Tales" was complete, we announced that it was time to put an end to the games and play and begin our bedtime routine. My heart sunk as I put down my laptop, knowing that I would struggle to get back into my work mind.
I sat down in our rocking chair and prepared to hear the familiar creaking sound for the next 15 minutes. I sighed as I secretly wished my 2 year old son would go to sleep on his own so I could finish my work at a decent time. At that very moment, Bryce turned to me, said, "love mommy" and cuddled into my chest. Immediately emotiols filled my heart and I regretted ever wishing away our quiet cuddle time. I wrapped my arms around him and rocked as I hummed him a song I made up when he was a colicky infant, crying for hours each night. As we rocked back and forth the gleam of the night light sparked in his eyes and I could see his eyes close a little more with each glide.
As Bryce drifted off to sleep, I prayed for God to keep him safe through the night. I thanked God for giving me 2 of the greatest gifts in life and realized that these precious moments are the moments that I should never dread, as they pass way too fast. I thought about the parents who have lost children or whose children are very ill and they are not allowed to rock them to sleep. I held Bryce a little tighter and enjoyed his baby sighs. I vowed to myself to never wish my kids to grow up faster than they already do. I will drop whatever I am doing each night to read stories and rock Bryce as long as they need this from me. I am their security and I will provide them that security whenever necessary.

Life keeps you busy, but nothing should keep you too busy for family. Remember that this Christmas season. Take time to be with the ones you love most. Let everything else wait, as Eric always tells me, "that will still be there when you come back to it."

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