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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Buried Life....Revisited

Just over a year ago I was a little obsessed with the MTV show "The Buried Life".  It inspired me to think about my life and create my own bucket list of items that I wanted to accomplish before I left this world.  My list was full of high expectations, some so high that in reality I know I will not accomplish.  Although my dreams are still high, my previous list, which can be seen here:  , will become a list of items that I will want to accomplish if the opportunity knocks on my door.

With a lot of soul searching, I decided to create a more attainable bucket list.  This is a list of items that with my style of life I will be able to accomplish.  Some items will be the same as the previous list while others will be changed.  This list is shorter and as I accomplish these items I will revisit this blog and cross of each one. 

1.  Adopt a stretch of highway.
2.  White water raft on a class 5 rapids.
3.  See, hear, touch, and experience the beauty of the ocean.
4. Lay under a willow tree on a warm sunny breezy day reading a good book.
5.  Spend a day at the spa.
6.  Sky dive (with professional!)
7.  Ride on a motorcycle!
8.  Give blood.
9.  Lay on a hill on a warm summer night and stare up at the stars while sharing old stories and dreams with a good friend.
10.  See the NYC skyline.
11.  Join Habitat for Humanity and help build a house.
12.  Build a bear at Build a Bear Workshop.
13.  Climb to the top of a tall building and scream until the world seems like a better place.
14.  Volunteer as a "cuddler" in a Neonatal Intensive Care unit of a hospital.
15.  Breast feed my last baby for at LEAST 6 months to a year. 
16.  Parasail
17.  Take a ride in a hot air balloon.
18.  Visit the San Diego Zoo.
19.  Tour Iowa's historical markers and take a picture of me at each one of them.
20.  Get a tattoo.

There is it! I am not forgetting about my original list of 50 items. I will still work towards meeting each item on the other list as well, but my priority will be on this list first. 

Wish me luck as I enjoy the ride called life!

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