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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This picture may not mean very much to many of you.  Some may look at this picture and see bare tree branches, brown grass, and an evergreen.  To me this picture is of HOPE.

You must look beyond the brown colors and behind the evergreen.  Tucked in the background of this picture are trees that are in the beginning stages of grown vibrant green leaves.  Each spring I watch and wait for the first tree to show signs that soon the long days of summer will approach.

Today when I spotted this tree I smiled and my heart relaxed.  This tree gave me reassurance that soon my stressful days at work would come to an end and I would be able to spend lazy days with my kids.

This tree reminded me that in a world of destruction, devastation, and despair, God continues to carry us through giving us HOPE for the future.

The tree made me think back through the struggles I was handed throughout the school year.  At times many tears were shed and confidence was shattered; however this tree reminded me that the school year would soon come to an end and it gave me HOPE that next year will be a better year.

This tree gave me HOPE that someday soon the economy will turn around, the government will step up, and the ongoing destructive weather patterns around the world will calm.  It gave me HOPE that the people effected by these situations will soon find HOPE for a brighter future.

Finally, this tree gave me HOPE that as the weather grew warmer, the grass grew greener and the rest of the tree's followed in the process of growing green leaves that people would let go of their anger, resentment, and cliques and enjoy the small things in life such as a tree that is beginning to bud.

The color green often symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness.  I guess that sums up what I felt when I saw the tree.

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