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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Life as a "Single" Mom; Part 1

Last week we said goodbye to Eric on Sunday afternoon and hello to a week of mommy, Cailyn, and Bryce.  Our 1st week went amazingly smooth! Here is the run down!

 Monday was a fun filled morning of walking, seeing pets at Earl May and playing in the backyard.  EVERYONE took naps in the afternoon and we had a delicious healthy meal for dinner: whole wheat spaghetti with marinara sauce and fresh steamed broccoli.  I have been wanting to cut out some of the meat in our diet and focus on more veggies and fruits. Since Eric is such a meat eater, what a better time to start! :)  Bryce gobbled up the 3 helpings of the spaghetti but threw an on-the-floor-red-in-the-face tantrum when I put the broccoli on his plate!  I had to force a small piece into Cailyn's mouth, plus she ate her spaghetti with no sauce.  I'd say the kids gave me an average rating with healthy meal number 1.


Tuesday we ventured out to the library for Toddler's and Two's Story Time.  Both kids love the library and although Cailyn is a little too old for Toddler and Two's time, she still enjoys being the "model" student.  Immediately Bryce followed the footsteps to the children's section of the library and found a book with small pictures and massive amounts of writing.  He sat down right in the middle of the aisle and was determined to read that book.  Cailyn went and joined the other children sitting on the floor ready to listen to some books.  I told Bryce to come sit with the other kids and listen to the story that the lady was going to read.  His reply?  "No! I wead my own book!"  He eventually joined the rest of the kids, but kept his "own book" close by and would flip through the pages of it while the lady read fun books about dads.  He must have been listening though because at one point he shared, "My daddy at school for long time." The lady ignored him the first time.  Again Bryce declared a little louder, "MY DADDY AT SCHOOL!"  The lady nodded towards him and started to read the book.  Bryce was getting angry by this point because what he had to say was important!  He thrust his arms down by his sides and said loudly, "MY DADDY AT SCHOOL!!!"  Finally the story lady smiled and said, "Well your daddy is going to be very smart!"  With that he was satisfied and went back to his "own book".  Will we go back for toddler's and twos?  Sure, why not! The rest of Tuesday was pretty laid back, thankfully!

Wednesday we decided to head to the Y in the morning to some Parent's at Play time.  I was excited to have some adult interaction while the kids played together.  When I arrived I was the only parent there!  I waited around for awhile and then saw my neighbor heading in.  We decided that we would take the kids to the children's gym and let them climb and play.  The leader of Parent's at Play did come and find us and said she usually only has a few mom's come.  I thought that was can stay at home mom's NOT want to go visit with other adults? We all decided that next week we would meet!  Wednesday night we drove over to Grinnell to meet my new teaching partner and get my keys to my new school and classroom.  The kids played their hearts out on the playground equipment there.  They loved having a "new" park to play on! Wednesday was a good day!

Thursday morning we watched our neighbor boy while his mommy "went to work for a little bit".  He was in awe with our toy room and all of the farm animals but mostly with the trucks!  He played with them the entire time he was here.  He did however stop to eat some cookies!
He was so much fun to have over and play! What a sweet boy he is and so well behaved.  I thought Cailyn and Bryce were a little too wild for him!  

Thursday afternoon Papa Tom and Up came! We ordered pizza and everyone piled (literally!) into the equinox to watch Cailyn play t-ball.  She was really focused on the flowers, clouds, and sitting down on 1st base but she did have a good hit!
Friday was a day of fun with cousin's at the zoo!  Also much more relaxing for me with my parents around to help out.  It really helped to have them with me when Cailyn slipped and fell in a mud puddle at the zoo, caking herself in mud and soaking her clothes!  I don't have a picture of that because at the time, it seemed like a very mean thing to do! My mom wiped down her legs and off her clothes some while I ran to target to get her some new clothes.  The zoo trip ended up being a success despite the murky start!
Cailyn and cousin Wes walking around the zoo.

Bryce feeding a baby goat.

On our way home from the zoo, daddy called and said he was leaving Ames.  The kids were so excited that they watched for him at the window.  A week is a long time to be away from their daddy!

They were THRILLED to see daddy's car pull in the driveway and greeted him at the door with eager squeals, hugs, and stories to share about the week they had with mommy.  

Friday evening we spent with good friends grilling, eating, and making smores.  What an INCREDIBLE week we had!  Thanks to everyone who helped, checked in, and hung out with us, especially my parents who I am so blessed to have!  



Pietigs said...

Sounds like it went very well! Good job, mama!

Ellen said...

Thanks! It went very well! It's busy and I'm hoping that when daddy gets home for good I can take a long nap!