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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Life as a "Single" Mom; Part 2

Last week, week 2, was a memorable one! Let me share some of my favorite events of the week!

"The Nanny Diaries"- On Sunday afternoon we filled up the pool and let the kids take a chilly dip.  Bryce had just woken up from his nap and was still clinging to his pacifier, or "nanny" as he calls it. We convinced him to get in the pool and leave the nanny out on his towel.  During his swim our dog happened upon the nanny and before we knew it, the nanny was demolished.  We thought, what a great time to get rid of the nanny for the 3rd time! (we had gotten rid of it a few times before but recently gave in and got him another one when he was sick on vacation) Eric left later for Ames and it was me against the kids for bedtime. I was hoping that Bryce wouldn't notice his one and only nanny had gone missing.  My hopes shattered to the floor 5 minutes after we said our I love you's and Bryce screamed out in his piercing way, "NANNNNNY!"  I drug my feet down the hallway to comfort him.  However, the only comfort he wanted was nanny comfort.  I rocked him a little, gave him a book and left the room again.  I scrambled through the kitchen looking for a random nanny that got left behind.  I looked under the couch, our bed, in the toy room, my purse, and even in the car.  All nanny's were astray.  Back in the bedroom, Bryce was calling out for daddy and nanny, two things that I couldn't give him. Cailyn was already asleep and I didn't want to wake her to go to Walmart to get a nanny so I thought I would try rocking Bryce to sleep.  First I made the mistake of telling him where his nanny went.  I have never seen a sadder face than I did that night.  The lip came out and trembled, the eyes sank and he let out a wail of betrayment.  All I could do was cuddle him and when he looked up at me and said, "Get nanny out of Daisy!" I about teared up myself! Luckily I have an amazing group of friends in town and one offered to run to Walmart and get me a nanny! Thank you, Steph! When she arrived at the door Bryce smiled and comfortably said, "Nanny..." He took it and fell instantly asleep.

"Pandamania!" -I signed Cailyn up for vacation bible school for the week.  The theme was Pandamania.  Each morning I loaded up both kids and drove across town to drop her off at the church.  Each day at noon I would load up Bryce and go pick up Cailyn.  Cailyn always came home excited about the new things she learned.  One day she told me she was eaten by a giant whale and then spit back out because God loved her.  Another day she told me that God made everything in the world, even fingernails.  I caught her telling Bryce that God hears everything we say, even when we whisper and snore.  I loved hearing her interpretations of these teachings and enjoyed knowing that she was listening and somewhat understanding :)  On Friday morning the children at VBS put on a program for the parents and then we had lunch in the church basement.  All the kids were so excited about the week they had and it was great to see that much involvement in the church!

"The Human Piggy Bank"- All kids like coins.  Mine get so excited to find a coin and go put it in their piggy banks.  On Tuesday afternoon Bryce found a penny on the floor and asked if he could take it to his room.  I was working on cleaning up lunch so I said, "You bet, buddy!" and continued on working.  2 minutes later I hear a cough, a gag, and then Bryce running down the hallway screaming.  He was inconsolable and finally I sort of shook him and yelled, "Tell mommy what's wrong!" I must have startled him because he calmed just enough to point to his throat and say, "My coin go down my throat!"  Being the paranoid mother I am I immediately thought we had to go to the doctor.  I was calmed by the people I talked to that said only take him in if he is having a hard time breathing.  I watched him like a hawk the rest of the afternoon but he resumed normal activity.  He slept in my bed the next 2 nights because I was worried it was stuck in his esophagus and would flip during the night and block his airway.  My worries diminished each day and although I haven't found any treasures in his diaper yet, I'm guessing I just missed it and disposed of it.  Bryce has not received another coin since this incident!  To commemorate this event, Bryce placed a penny in his puppy's tummy at Build a Bear on Sunday.

I have really enjoyed all the time I have spent with the kids these past 2 weeks, although we miss daddy a lot!  We are so lucky to have a daddy in our life.  I have so much respect for the single parents out there that care for their kids, work full time, and keep up with life without any help.  You are all so strong! I admire you! Whether you're divorced, widowed, or your other half is off across the globe, the job you do is so hard!  I am completely teasing when I call myself a single mom because I know that I am far from it!  I am happy to take over the house and kids while Eric is at school. He is learning so much and he is going to be an incredible physics teacher after this! I'm thrilled he got the opportunity to do this and can't wait to hear his stories on how he is applying what he learned in his classroom!


Anonymous said...

Don't know why...but this one brought tears to my eyes :) You're such an awesome mother!!!

Ellen said...

Thanks! I love being a mom, so having my summer with them is the best. Wish I knew who you were, Anonymous! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope, it's OK