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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Next 3 Weeks

On Sunday Eric will be heading to Ames for a 3 week class on teaching physics.  Due to gas prices being so high, together we decided that it would be best financially for him to stay up there during the week and just drive home on weekends.  Which means, come Sunday, I will be welcomed into the world of "single motherhood". I am nervous and excited about this.  My plan is to blog at the end of each week on how the week went.  I want to share our successes and struggles as well as the activities that kept us busy.  I will post pictures and videos.  That way daddy can also read and see what we have been up to while he was away!

As a disclaimer, I am going to say that I know I'm not a true single mom.  I know that 3 weeks of taking care of my kids alone is not the same as years. I understand that I still have the support of my spouse.  I realize that truly being a single mother is much more difficult than what I will be going through.  In no way will I be comparing my life to the the life as a single mom.  I will simply be sharing my experience of taking on 2 kids while my husband is away. 

I have high expectations for my one on one time with Cailyn and Bryce.  We have a daily schedule to follow, planned play groups at the Y, story time at the library, zoo trips, play dates, walks, and park trips!  We will also be heading to some of the free wading pools in Des Moines. 

I feel so fortunate to have summer time with my kids, so rain, rain, go away, Cailyn, Bryce and mommy want to come out and play!!

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