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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Life as a "Single" Mom; Part 3

~Forgot to post this, so a few weeks late!~

We survived!!  Our third week without Eric is complete!  It was a trying week for mommy but in the end, I enjoyed my one on one time with the kids. 

Cailyn began swimming lessons on Monday morning.  She takes private lessons at the home of our dentist! His daughter gives her lessons.  Last summer she had a fear of water. She would dig her nails into her teacher's shoulders with white knuckles.  I was worried that the fear would still be hanging on but she jumped right in with giggles that could be heard from the neighbors house! It was so much fun to watch her kick her joys out in the water! Thank you to my neighbor for watching Bryce while we were at lessons!

Halfway through the week Bryce finally "made change".  Remember the penny from week 2? The penny made another appearance this week!   My mom said, "Did you keep it for his baby book?"  My reply was, "No, I do not keep feces as a memory!"  Bryce was proud of himself and promised to never swallow a coin again.  He had a growth appointment at Blank on July 3 and when Eric told him he had to go to the doctor Bryce immediately broke down crying and wept, "but I not swallow a coin!"  :-)  On a side note, he gained a pound and grew 1.5 inches since we were there in April! Grow, Bryce, grow!

The most discouraging part of my week was my run in with spiders.  If you know me, you know me you know that spiders and I do not mix.  I first saw the spiders in the basement storage room.  I was pulling out boxes of baby clothes to sort and get ready for a garage sale.  There was one eight legged intruder sitting in a web. I grabbed my can or RAID and sprayed. The spider dropped out of the web and crawled across the floor. I sprayed again but he got away.  Next thing I knew there was another, then another! I felt attacked and my chest was tight with fear.  My breathing got staggered but I don't know if that was my fear or the odor of Raid.  Finally, after spraying them multiple times and still seeing them climb, run, and spook, I shut the door to the room and gave up.  I sent my mom a text and told her I was running home to mommy and daddy! She denied me so I had to tough it out.  I called my neighbor to see if her husband could come over and take care of the spiders. :) I am tough!  He came over and pulled out all of my boxes of baby clothes without seeing 1 spider.  Thankfully his wife is afraid of earwigs and drove all the way home to Manchester when she saw one in her house so he understands that woman have crazy fears!

Friday came and Eric came home.  The kids were thrilled and he spent time with them that afternoon and that evening him and I went out for dinner and a hypnotist show at The Funny Bone.  It was great to get away with him alone and hear all about his past 3 weeks.  During his weeks away he gained friendships, memories, and a wide variety of  knowledge that will help him teach with integrity and purpose.  During his weeks away my love grew even greater for Cailyn and Bryce and I gained an admiration of the things Eric does to help with the kids and around the house.  We all agree that we are happy he his home!!!

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CaseyO'Roake said...

HAHA! I love the picture of the Raid Cans!!! :)