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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday in the early morning I awoke from a dream.  I lay awake for awhile recapping my dream and remembered that snow was in the forecast.  I got out of bed and went into our front room to look out the window.  Sure enough, I could see the snow falling through the shine of the street light.  I sat down in our over sized chair and watched the snow fall through the sky. 

To me, the first snow fall is always magical, especially in the overnight hours when the world is quiet and God is painting His beauty over the earth.  Snow is much more peaceful than rain; as it hits the trees, windows, and roof softly and quietly, keeping it's presence a secret.  As I sat in the quiet of the night and watched the heavy, wet flakes fall, I thought back to previous first snows that I have kept in my memory.

I remember sitting in R&B restaurant on November 21st, my mom's birthday.  I don't remember what year it was, but I remember my brother being with us so it was before 1994.  We were waiting for our pizza and one of us glanced out the window.  We saw the first snow flakes of the season falling over Main Street.  The kids in the restaurant rushed to the front window and watched with sparkling eyes at the first sign of Santa Claus, snowmen, and sledding.  What a wonderful first snow it was, during a time of celebration with family.

Another first snow that I remember happened when we were at home, again in the evening hours.  My sister noticed how big the flakes were.  They were brilliant, flying through the sky each with their own shape and design so intricate even the most talented artist couldn't replicate it.   You could catch them in your hand and examine them before they melted into a small puddle in your palm.  My sister grabbed a scarf and tied it over her head and ran out the the patio to catch the flakes on her tongue.  With a shaking head I watched her jumping around the patio with her tongue hanging out and snowflakes lingering on her hairline.  At that time, I thought she was being ridiculous, however at this point in my life, this is one of my favorite things to do with the kids.  We go outside, throw our heads back and our tongues out, and dance around while the white wall from heaven falls on our faces. 

I enjoyed the first snow probably more than most adults did.  To me it is a sign of change and new beginnings.  No matter how early the first snow comes down, it's presence creates an overall feeling of excitement for time with family, an eagerness to give to others, and a feeling of personal peacefulness.  All 3 such wonderful feelings...when is the next snow forecasted to fall?!

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