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Friday, December 9, 2011

Snack Envy

In her book, Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth About the First Year of Motherhood, Jenny McCarthy devotes a section of the book to Stroller Envy. Stroller envy is defined as the feeling of panic you get when you realize every other mom in the park has prettier, fancier strollers than your own. Jenny states, "It's inevitable...Someone will always have a better stroller than you do. Men show off their cars. Women show off their strollers." She continues on to describe how she went about choosing her stroller.

 Until you have a baby you don't understand how true this is. I have fallen under the stroller envy spell numerous times. While walking through the mall my eyes have stared down another stroller to the point that the mother pushing looked at me as though I was a child abductor. I found joy in pushing my friends' strollers to feel how smooth they are and have ohhhed and ahhhed over how they have one handed steering and one handed collapse. Actually, the envy doesn't start with stroller envy nor does it end at stroller envy. With all of the baby products out there, you are bound to always envy the newer version.

 Recently I was reading a book and the mother in the story spun into a state of hysteria when realizing her daughters snack day was the next morning. Between her ignorant husband thinking oreos were the solution and her empty fridge, she called her friend and devised a snack that would be deemed appropriate by all of the other watchful eyes.

 Seem ridiculous? It would be a fabrication if I said I never fret over Cailyn's snack days. Parents are given snack slips to fill out on what their child will bring on their snack day.  Then their snack is published in the weekly notes. Items such as Upside Down Umbrella Cakes and Teddy Graham Carousels put knots in my stomach, sweat on my palms and tears in my eyes. There are only two words that can accurately describe how I feel when reading these glamorous snack ideas.

 Snack Envy.

 It's not only the fact that these parents have time to prepare and deliver a snack that creates an attractive ambiance throughout the preschool, but that they have them planned out WEEKS ahead of time!  As if one upping the rest of us slackers isn't good enough!  With working part time I vowed to keep up more, and I have.  I even searched for the perfect birthday treat for Cailyn AND filled out the haunting snack slip with the clever name Over the Rainbow Cupcakes.  But do you think I got that snack slip turned in fast enough?! NO! The only thing listed on Cailyn's snack day was "Cailyn's birthday treats".  No cupcakes.  No rainbows.  No creativity.  And no envy amongst the other parents. 

I know that I have provided good snacks.  From the crackers and cheese sticks, to the fresh fruit salad, I have taken time and effort to provide snack for Cailyn's class.  I will probably never be that "do it all" mom and I am learning to be okay with that.  At the end of the day when my kids kiss me goodnight and say they "love me 100 million" I know that I'm doing good enough.

However, I can't help but think ahead a few years to the next stage of envy.  Whatever it may be....

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