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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Scrolls

Have you ever read a book that you get completely engrossed in that you feel like you are living the characters lives?  With each turn of the page your life turns from present time to another lifetime? 

Recently I have been taken over by the books I have been reading.  Books that have portrayed personal experiences in my life in different contexts.  Characters that are described so vividly I feel like for the moment that I am reading their thoughts, I am them. 

Page by page my eyes scurry along the print and I escape reality into an alter life where I can become consumed with the problems of the characters rather than overwhelmed with the stresses of my own life.  I will read until early morning hours with heavy eyelids wanting to close but hands not wanting to shut the book, as they know each time the book goes shut my mind once again opens to my own life. 

Never would I want to escape my life permanently.  However, a good book is a way to ease your mind and become another person for a short time.  The problems of the characters may be more intense than my own yet I let myself take on the issues that rise knowing that each page turn gets me closer to the author solving the problems. 

My life is not a book.  There isn't an author guiding me through the financial stresses, parenting woes, or career concerns that are happening in my life.  I can't skip ahead two chapters to see where I will be in the story.  The climax of my life isn't written out for me in words to read and the resolution isn't predictable. God is in control, and He is my author.  With trust in Him, I will no longer be afraid to close my book and step back into the book of life that He has wrote for me.

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