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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stickers on the Floor

Before I had children if someone would have told me that 25% of my day would be spent scrubbing stains out of clothes and chasing after my kids with a broom, I probably wouldn't have believed them. 

They would have been right.

In no way was I prepared for the copious amounts of crumbs, streaks, puke and poop I would be cleaning up.  I'm really not fond of messes and I questioned my ability to parent after having Cailyn home for a few days.  I learned to acclimate the mess and adapt to my new life. 

Then Bryce came along. 

Keeping up with the mess of one baby was a snap compared to cleaning up after two!  The floors were always littered and the house in disarray.  I became quite a slob and hit rock bottom the night I opened up my door to a salesman trying to sell a vacuum system.  He promised to clean my carpets if I let him in.  With a baby on my hip, a toddler in her highchair screaming for dinner and my house in shambles I eagerly accepted his offer.  He vacuumed and shampooed my carpets, he vacuumed my ceiling fan blades and vacuumed my mini blinds (all for nothing because I was on UNPAID maternity leave and never intended on buying anything from him.)  Once the salesman finally found his way out the door (I had to tell him I needed to nurse my son to get him to leave!) I sat and relished at my clean living room.

That night I was scolded by Eric when I told him the story.  He was concerned about me letting strangers in the house when he wasn't there, and rightfully so-I had a newborn and a one year old to look out for.  He reminded me that the house doesn't need to be perfect and that my first priority was the kids.

I thought about this and realized he was right.  Who cares is my house has crumbs on the floor and toys jumbled around.  It is a sign of my kids playing, learning, and growing.  I loosened up at bit and internalized the fact that my house will be a mess for the next 18 years. 

As the kids grew, we taught them to pick up their toys.  We are still teaching them.  And I'm sure we will continue teaching them for the next 15 years (and they may never learn)!  The older they get, the messier they get.  I often joke that my job should be to chase Bryce around with a bucket of soapy water and a vacuum.  He is the messiest child ever to walk this earth but I love him just the same.  I try to put my anal retentive tendencies at bay and settle for wiping his face and sweeping the floors after each meal and then ignoring the rest of the disheveled house. 

This weekend I settled into some rearranging and spring cleaning.  My floors are swept, mopped, windows washed, furniture dusted and vacuumed and I bet by the time Monday evening rolls around you'll never have guessed I spent a full day working in the living room. (yes, just one room!)  Why only one room?  Because I was busy the rest of the weekend playing with my kids.  The dirt will still be there when the kids are grown.  As of now, we are creating memories that will stick in our mind forever, unlike like the stickers that are stuck to my hardwood floors-which I will eventually peel off and forget about.

Picnics, parades, and pizza making are what count-all the rest can wait.

Does anyone have any goo gone I can borrow? :)

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