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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The First 12 Weeks

In case my followers haven't heard...we are expecting again!  Baby Grabe #3 is due to appear sometime in January.  It came as quite the surprise and knowing that this will likely be our last pregnancy journey I wanted to document it along the way for future baby to read someday. is goes!

The First 12 Weeks:

Cravings: Pizza, cupcakes, iced tea, turkey breast from Subway, mexican, mac and cheese, fruit-especially apples

Aversions: fizzy soda, the smell of diet mt. dew, mexican (after 10 weeks), any leftovers

Weight Gain:  4 pounds (whoops-probably due to those very healthy cravings!)

It's been a rough 12 weeks.  One word sums it up: NAUSEA.  My first indication that I was pregnant was the fact that I was feeling bouts of nausea throughout the day.  I shrugged it off initially, as I had taken a pregnancy test in May to rule out pregnancy so that I could indulge in a refreshing wine slushy with my friends.  The test was negative.  I enjoyed my wine slushy with no knowledge of what was actually happening in the depths of my abdomen. 

It wasn't until over a month later I tested again because I woke up so sick.  I used one of those $1 Dollar Tree tests-I was sure I wasn't pregnant.  Immediately 1 line appeared in the result window followed by 1 line in the control window.  My exact thoughts at that moment were, "Just as I thought-negative."  I went to discard the test in the box and noticed something-the picture on the box was advertising a negative test result.  The exact looking result that I had in my hand.  My exact thoughts at that moment were, "Why would this box be showing a negative result?"  Then it hit me.  I dug my hand into the box and pulled out the instruction pamphlet.  I fumbled through it until I found the English instructions and sure enough the results were in:  1 line=pregnant; 0 lines=not pregnant.  There was no denying this cheapo test-I was knocked up.  I didn't know if I should rejoice or cry.  I was in shock.

I thought all day how to break the news to Eric.  Finally about 10 minutes before he got home I placed a single hamburger bun in the oven with a note that said, "Our story continues....February 2013."  I told him I thought something smelled funny in the oven and asked him to take a look.  5 minutes late her finally picked up on my hint!  For being a smart man, it took him long enough to react to this news!  (Don't worry it ended in a hug and kiss!)

A week later I went in for my initial appointment.  I had 6 viles of blood taken and explained my symptoms-so nauseous I could hardly stand to move.  The nurse suspected I was further along than 4 weeks but I assured her I couldn't be.  She scheduled me for an ultrasound anyway.  A week later I went in for my ultrasound and told the tech that I suspected only being between 5-6 weeks along.  She told me we probably wouldn't see anything then.  As soon as the machine flipped on there was a little peanut on the screen with a fluttering heartbeat.  She looked at me and said, "Well, it appears you are much further than 5 weeks!"  Again, I sat in shock. She did the measures and concluded I was 8.5 weeks along and baby had a strong heart rate of 182 beats per minute.  What a glorious sound-hearing my babies heart beating away.  I walked out of the hospital that day 3 weeks further along than I was when I went in!

The month of June is kind of a blur.  I was so sick all month-I felt so sick and moving around made it worse.  It was that feeling of just wanting to throw up because you know it will make you feel better.  I tried to get out with the kids at least once  day but even that was pushing it.  Thankfully I have some awesome friends that offered to help out during some of the days.  With Eric gone at his internship for 9 hours a day it was difficult to manage both kids and the nausea.  I basically ate dry roasted peanuts and crackers for a few weeks.  The nausea started to let up around week 10 and then the vomiting started.  Mostly it was only in the mornings and then throughout the day if I smell something bad.  At week 11, the headaches started but found out today they are probably due to the sinus infection I have been dealing with.  By week 12, the vomiting subsided as well and I only throw up a few times a week now!    I'm looking forward to the day I can open the dishwasher and not heave, go in the garage without holding my breath, or heck going to Wal-Mart without gagging at the smell.  Maybe soon! :)

Today I had an appointment and things are going well.  My progesterone levels have jumped up to the normal range so no more supplements.  YAY!  I have an ultrasound on Monday to go the NT Scan with is a scan for various disabilities.  We don't care about the outcome of the scan however I have talked with some friends who gave me some good advice on why/why not to have it done.  Our doctor left it up to us to decide and I feel good about my decision to have it done. 

As I begin my 13th week I am looking forward to the glorious 2nd trimester.  I can't wait to feel the baby flutters for the first time and actually start to look pregnant and not fat.  I'm excited to find out if my gender prediction is accurate and to come up with a fun way to share the news. 

Pregnancy is an amazing miracle and I love experiencing it.  The first 12 weeks were rough but every time I hear the sound of my baby I forget about the nausea, headaches, and vomiting and look forward to what is to come in the future.  So, little peanut, our journey continues :)

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