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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Security in Small Places

Recently I was talking with my neighbor about how forgetful we have become.  I can blame my forgetfulness or absentmindedness on pregnancy brain for the next 4 months but what happens after that?  New mommy brain?  It's time to face the fact-I can't keep my **** together most of the time!  No excuses-it's just how I am.  I try but have learned to lower my expectations of myself over the years.  Life is hectic and the more kids you add to the mix and the older you get the more hectic it seems to get.  I have 1 thing that helps keep me in order: My glove compartment.

I have been laughed at and have seen many eyes roll back over the contents of my glove compartment.  However, my survival kit has saved me numerous times!  It has all the essentials you might need in emergency situations. 

The following is my list and explanation of items:

1)  Pepto Bismal-pepto is great to keep on hand.  I learned how exceptional this pink goo was back in my college days.  There are so many uses for it!  Stomach in knots over a big final? Take a swig of pepto!  Worried about how your food is going to settle on that first date?  Bismal is there!  Completely hung over after a great frat party?  Tip it back twice!  And of course-cafeteria food gone bad? Chug some down and you'll feel better in time for a late night trip to Wal-Mart with your roommate.  Ever since college I have kept pepto in the house.  Now I even keep it in my glove compartment.  It is wonderful to know that no matter where I am-if there is a disturbance deep in my abdomen-my good pink friend is just a few steps away!

2) Deodorant-Sure I have been wearing deodorant for years and sure it should be one thing that is easy to remember each morning.  Despite the fact that it should be part of your routine many of you would be lying if you said you have never forgotten to put some on.  Distractions happen and things get left behind.  Don't let your deodorant be one of them! Throw some in your glove compartment and never worry about being the smelly kid.  It's also great for those sticky muggy days when you feel the need to reapply.  While everyone else is pitting out I am as fresh as can be! 

3) Lotion/Body Spray-I'm a girl, I like to smell good.  If deodorant fails, I can't always smell fruity at least!

4) Tampons-I cannot count the times this has saved me! (as well as others!)  Women switch purses all the time.  It's easy to forget to switch your feminine products over to your new purse.  It happens to the best of us-Aunt Flow shows up when you least expect it and you are left with nothing!  The feeling of despair and humiliation can be avoided if you just keep a small box in your glove compartment!

5)  Make Up-I usually keep some extra powder and lip gloss somewhere in my car.  On a hot day it feels great to touch up your droopy face with a brush of powder and some shimmery gloss.  If I forget to throw it in my purse, I have a back up in my car!

There it is.  My security in the confines of my car.  With a new baby on the way I will be adding diapers and wipes to this list as well.  Those used to be essentials in our car but for the past few years we have taken them out.  One great thing about my mini van is that I have not one but two glove compartments!  An upper and lower compartment!  Now I have one place for my supplies and another for those other "car needs" such as maps and window scrapers. 

Now I ask you....what's in your glove compartment?

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