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Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter to the Unborn

To my baby girl,

     In my broken sleep, I dreamt of you.  A nurse handed you to me wrapped in blankets.  Finally, I saw your face and my world felt complete.  

     You were as perfect as an angel.  You had the smoothest pink-tinted skin, a small nose, and wide bright eyes that looked right up at me.  Your peach fuzz hair had a reddish glow and you looked very much like your big sister did when she was born. 

     I awoke, shifted positions, and smiled as I drifted back into my slumber.

     We were home, warm in our house, with daddy, Cailyn, and Bryce.  It smelled like warm apple cider, which meant mommy had her scentsy burning.  I heard you cry out from your bassinet and I excitedly jumped up to comfort you.  We sat in the recliner and rocked together until you were calm.  I watched you as you drifted to sleep in my arms and tears formed in the corners of my eyes.  The waiting game was over and you were here with us.  The joy was overwhelming.

     We continue to wait for you, little one, as you grow and mature.  You are so precious to us already.  I am eager for the day when my dream comes true.

     Love Always,


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