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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Second 12 Weeks

Well I am very far behind on posting on my blog.  I admire those that keep up, but this mom is slacking!  I am well beyond my "2nd 12 weeks" of pregnancy but thought I would think back and try to post a few things about the 2nd trimester.  I know if I don't, someday I will regret not journaling about my final pregnancy.

The Second 12 Weeks:

Cravings:  Subway Turkey breast on italian bread with lettuce, cucumbers, green pepper, salt/pepper, and mayo; hamburgers, pickles, pizza, soda pop, fruit-raspberries, apples, cherries.

Aversions:  Chicken, the sight of raw meats, foods mixed together, mexican food

Weight Gain: 17ish pounds by 24 weeks

The second 12 weeks started out much like the first 12 weeks.  I was sick all the time.  If I wasn't throwing up, I was nauseous all the time.  Around 20 weeks the nausea started to let up and I was only suffering from morning sickness around once a week.  It was heavenly!

We also found out that baby Grabe was going to be another GIRL!!!!!  We had our 20 week anatomy scan and the ultrasound tech put the gender in an envelope.  Eric opened the envelope and surprised me with the gender at a revealing party with our friends! His first idea was to make our camp fire turn either pink or blue, however we struggled even getting the fire started.  The wood was wet and when he put the chemicals on it the color barely came through.  Thanks to our friend, Sarah, we had cupcakes as a backup!  I was so excited to bite in and see pink!  Bryce was less than thrilled.  He went and hid behind a chair but I think he has come around!

Also around 20 weeks I started having pain in my upper right abdomen.  Just as I did during pregnancy with Cailyn only this was starting much earlier than it did with Cailyn.  They checked my gall bladder and liver and everything checked out fine.  Just pain from the baby pushing on my ribs.  It's been painful and gets worse each week. There are days I wonder how I can continue on because it hurts to take deep breaths, bend, turn, etc. but I know that this little bundle will be worth all the pain in the end!

I also started feeling her move in my second 12 weeks.  I love the feeling of her jumping and kicking and sharing that with the kids.  Cailyn loves to feel the kicks and talks to my belly to try to get her to kick more.  Every movement reminds me of the miracle growing inside me!

Other than fatigue and rib pain, the second 12 weeks went pretty well.  I continued to grow and grow and grow but I know that is a sign of a healthy baby!

On to the final 12+ weeks!

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