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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Life in 3's

Lately I have noticed the number 3 appearing randomly in my life.  Last night in my restless slumber I saw the number 3 floating through my REM cycle.  Here is a list of my life in 3's since Lauryn has been born.

3 hours...the maximum number of hours Lauryn will go between feedings during the day and usually night.  Also the number of hours she is fussy for off and on each evening.

3 snow storms...along with a snow day that I missed out on and numerous late starts.  I had almost forgotten how enjoyable it is to cuddle with a sleeping baby while watching the snow dance down from the sky.

3 minutes...the maximum amount of time Eric and I have been able to cuddle and talk before the baby cries out needing one of us more than we need each other.

3 "sleeps"...until the weekend.   Looking forward to a weekend with just our family and no other plans, guests, or commitments.

3 seasons...of "Parenthood" and "The Office" watched during night time nursing sessions with Lauryn.    Wishing I could find "Parenthood" online somewhere without paying for it!

3 dirty diapers...AT LEAST in one given day that I change.

3 miles...walked around the house soothing Lauryn while she cries and fusses.

3 inches...I would like to lose off of my waistline (and thighs, and butt, and hips...) in the month of March.

3 months...until summer.  Looking forward to long warm days with my 3 kids!

300...loads of laundry we have done since the baby has been born.  You forget how these small creatures create large amounts of goop!

3 carseats...that are impossible to arrange in the van in a way that makes it easy for an adult to strap each kid in.  The world has seen more of my backside hanging out of the van door than they should!

3 pounds...the number of pounds Lauryn exceeded Bryce by in birth weight.  Let's just say she took a lot more time joining the world than Bryce did!  And my body has paid for it!

3:30...the time of day Eric is allowed to leave work.  This excites me every day even though I know it will be an hour or more before he actually walks through the door.

3 toes...stubbed on the bouncy seat.

33 pacifiers...that we have tried only to find 1 success.  Thank you, MAM, for making size newborn pacifiers.

3 kids...that have blessed our lives beyond anything imaginable.  God has given us 3 wonderful gifts.  We are outnumbered, weary, overloaded, and stressed.  None of these can overtake the love we feel for our 3  amazing kids.

3 seconds...until I fall asleep on the keyboard.

I love my life of 3's!

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