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Friday, March 29, 2013


Recently our 4 year old is obsessed with the idea of the pause button.  He has quickly learned that when watching something on Netflix streaming you can pause the show and come back to it.  He has been amazed by this concept and sometimes will pause his show and make something up to go do. 

After he understood how the pause button worked he began to transfer the idea of pause to other aspects of his life and the world.  While playing a board game or with his super hero figures he would stop and yell out, "PAUSE THE GAME...I need to go potty!"  I tried to explain to him that we can stop playing the game and wait until he returns.  He would just look at me and say, "No, pause it."  

One day while driving home from preschool he screamed from the backseat, "Pause the car!"  I chuckled and asked him why I needed to STOP the car.  He was adamant that I didn't need to stop, just pause and look at what he was showing me.  

Still, another day, while I was nursing the baby and he wanted my attention he said, "Mommy, pause the baby and put her down.  She can finish when you come back."  Oh buddy, if only life worked that way. 

I thought a lot about his way of thinking.  His immature mind assumes the world can linger in whatever moment you need it to until you're ready for it to continue moving forward.  What a concept!  Can you imagine a world where you can pause moments and dwell in them until you're ready to continue on?

While trying to fall back to sleep after a 2am feeding my mind spun over this thought.  I envisioned a world with a pause button.  An opportunity to freeze moments in your life and make them last longer.  Foggy thoughts of some of my happiest moments crossed my mind.  Moments such as the first time you see your child after giving birth, the instant your baby first smiles up at you, a special time with your spouse, family, or good friends, or even that rare day when every single item of laundry in the house (including bedding!) is clean, folded and put away.  These are occasions where I would like to hit pause and remain in the perfection of the moment for as long as I want.  

I thought a lot about this lately as I mentally prepare for going back to work.  After 10 incredible weeks off with my baby girl it is time to say farewell to our mornings together and hello to a daily routine.  Truthfully, I have wanted to pause these last few days so many times.  I want to pause the mornings waking up next to her and seeing her smile at me, pause the times we sit and rock, and pause each and every cuddle.  I am very lucky to only work part time but I still would like to pause maternity leave :).  

Life moves so fast.  It is important to enjoy each moment.  You can't pause life but you can live your life in a way that will help you always remember those times you would like to hit pause. Take pictures.  Write down memories.  Share stories with friends and family.  Take more pictures.  Watch your kids play.  Get involved.  Oh, and take lots of pictures.  These are things I try to do in order to remain in my favorite moments.

What moments in your life would you like to pause?  

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