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Monday, May 27, 2013

Class of 2027

Last week we celebrated an upcoming change as Bryce graduated from preschool.  A year ago we watched Cailyn walk across the stage in her graduation cap and now we observed Bryce do the same.

I arrived early as I knew I wanted a good seat for the show.  Lauryn and I waited for Eric as the room filled with moms, dads, grandparents, brothers, and sisters coming to watch their preschooler graduate.  The preschoolers were dressed in their best all giddy with excitement.  As the seats filled so did my anxieties of how I would react when seeing Bryce on stage.  

Soon the music began and the class made their appearance on the stage.  Bryce came bounding up on the stage looking as though he was given too much sugar and a Red Bull.  He was animated as he sang the first song and I didn't know whether to laugh or be angry.  During the second song he continued to slap himself in the face and make silly faces as well as make up his own dance moves.  My indecisiveness diminished as my face grew rosy and I was shaking my head and mouthing "No!" to him from the crowd.  Finally I decided the best thing to do was ignore the behavior and look at other children who were pleasantly performing the song and dance.  Eventually Bryce settled a little bit but I'm embarrassed to say it was after a teacher stepped in to talk to him!

After a few more songs the class disappeared and from experience I knew what was coming.  They would soon walk back out to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance" wearing their caps and tassels   Last year with pregnancy hormones in full swing I was a mess of tears during this.  I was wondering if the same emotion would come over me again.  As the music started we all stood to get a better view of our soon to be kindergartners.  Bryce came out walking calmly (phew!) and followed in his line to the stage.  With dry eyes I snapped some pictures and then couldn't help but laugh as his cap fell over his eyes and he stood there unable to see.  He looked so small compared to the rest as he sang his final songs alongside his friends.

Next year Bryce will be going to Transitional Kindergarten which is a step between preschool and kindergarten.  The following year he will attend regular kindergarten.  His age and maturity made it a difficult decision-do we keep him in preschool another year or send him on? I feel good about our choice and know that he will thrive and grow in his new environment.  He is also excited about going to Cailyn's school and seeing her in the halls.  

As his mom, I'm struggling with the fact that he will be in school next year.  He is still my baby boy in my eyes.  How did my 5 pound baby grow up so fast?  I remember like yesterday the hours I spent pacing the house bouncing and soothing him as he cried through his tummy aches.  He endured appointments with the gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, and dietitian.  All these doctors concerned about his growth and here is his-preschool graduate!  In the blink of an eye my baby boy grew up into a little boy with a vivid imagination and spit fire personality.  He is sneaky and wise and speaks what is on his mind. I couldn't love this little boy more if I tried and I wish him the best in the coming years as a school ager. 
 I love you so much my Brycie Allen.  You will go so far with the determination you have.  Please don't grow up too fast, as mommy isn't ready to give up her B-man yet! 

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