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Monday, June 17, 2013

Bryce's Dreams

Over the past month nights at the Grabe house have been busy.  Lauryn has transitioned from sleeping in our bedroom to her crib in Cailyn's room resulting in Eric and I taking turns to get up when she fusses.  The main issue isn't with the baby though.  It has become a norm to wake up in the middle of the night with little feet kicking us and elbows jabbing us.  Night after night Bryce would wake up and make his way into our bed.  Night after night Eric would pick him up and carry him back to his own bed.  Each morning we would ask Bryce why he came in our room.  He always had the same answer: "I had bad dreams." 

Finally Bryce started sharing his dreams with us.  We can't help but laugh and Eric and I have agreed that we have to write them down so we can look back on them someday.  This will be an ongoing blog that I will continue to add Bryce's dreams to as he shares them.  I will write them as though Bryce is telling them-just so everyone gets the full effect.  :)  We have no idea if Bryce is really dreaming these dreams or making them up but either way, they are funny and creative!

Dream #1:

There was a lobster in my closet and it didn't have the bands on its claws!  It crawled into my bed under my covers and it was going to snap my toes.  I runned to mommy and daddy's room and closed the door so he couldn't get in. 

Dream #2:

A lion was under my bed.  He roared and came up to bed.  He crawled down my throat into my tummy.  Then he eated all my food in my tummy and I was hungry!

Dream #3:

The bear came out of my closet and growled at me.  He took his big long claws and scratched at me and scratched my finger right here. (points to nothing on his finger).

Dream #4:

I was walking on the street and a bus came and runned over me. Then it kept on driving!

Dream #5

A monster came out of my closet and it stepped on me.  It got my foot broken. 

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