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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 For a Moment (part 2)

Dear Bryce,
     Last weekend something amazing happened.  My 5 pound baby boy turned 5 years old.  Where did the last 5 years go?  I remember so vividly sending your daddy to Wal-Mart to buy preemie baby clothes so I could dress you in clothes that fit.  You surprised us and joined us a month early with eagerness to make yourself known in this world.  You were frail and vocal and you haven't changed a bit.

     There were nights I wasn't sure I was going to make it through your first year.  Daddy worked two jobs to help pay the bills so I spent many nights home alone with you and your sister. I would pace the cluttered hardwood floors with you as you wailed through your tummy aches.  Cailyn cried out for attention while I bounced, patted, and swaddled you close in attempt to comfort you.  You endured many pokes, prods, and x-rays at doctor appointments.  Through it all you still had the biggest, brightest, widest blue eyed smile anyone has ever seen.  Your giggle was contagious which rings true to this very day.

     In the past 5 years mommy and daddy have slept less than anyone should.  With blurred eyes we cuddled you through RSV, numerous bouts of croup, severe flu, and two hospitalizations.  You taught us how to put another person before our jobs, friends, and leisure activities.  You and your sister became our entire life.

     Even with your rough start in life you have always been able to fill a room with joy.  Your energy keeps you bouncing from wall to wall.  Watching your admiration for your big sister has made me proud of the relationship you two have created. I know your friendship will last a lifetime.   In the past 8 months I have watched you grow as a big brother.  When you enter the room your baby sister lights up with smiles.  Your silly attitude gets her giggling and your willingness to share with her and help take care of her melts my heart.  I admire the way you look out for Lauryn, read to her, and are concerned for her.  She is so lucky to have you as a big brother.  

     There are times I look at you with peer exhaustion and wonder how I'm going to keep up with you for the next 13+ years.  Those moments of fear quickly vanish when you look at me and smile.  You have come so far since since those days when we would worry about your growth and development.  Your carefree spirit kept you going and you proved so many of us wrong.  You did grow-in your own time-and are now my spunky 5 year old that picks me flowers, calls me pretty, and wipes away my kisses.  

     Bryce, I know that you will do great things in your life.  You are stubborn yet determined; fierce yet serene; timid yet kindhearted.  Your wittiness is infectious and your warm heart has already touched many in your 5 short years.  Keep these qualities for life and you will soar.

     Mommy would love to slow time down but I know that I need to let my "B-R-Y-C-E Man" grow up and continue to become more independent.  The moment you came into my world, you changed my life for the better.  I am confident you will continue to do the same for others.  

     Happy 5th birthday my Brycie Allen.  I will love you always and forever!

     Love Always,


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