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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Place

It has been a hard couple of weeks. There are times that God tests your limits and you wonder where your place is with friends, family, life. You question whether you are wasting time on friendships that are one sided or whether you are heading down the right path at work. That has been me this past month. My house is a mess, my laundry is never done, and we are so busy that we hardly sit down and have dinner as a family. I have asked myself many times, "Where do I belong right now?"  

Tonight I found my answer. 

I was cleaning up the kitchen after our first family meal of the week. A job that should take about 20 minutes was taking a lot longer due to a curious 1 year old opening cupboards and spreading various household items all over. I wiped down the counters while holding ponds of tears in my eyes wishing I could figure out my place in life. 

I swept up under the counter and panic struck me like lightening when I realized how quiet Lauryn had been. I called out her name and rounded the counter into the kitchen. There she was looking smurflike on the kitchen floor playing with a box if food coloring. Habitually I yelled, "No!!!" Even though I knew it was too late. Her fingers, tongue, and pajamas were blue. She looked up at me and shrugged with an innocent look and I scooped her up and wiped her down from a bright sky blue to a pale blue. 

As soon as I set her down she went to the pantry and pulled out the Lucky Charms. She sat happily picking out the marshmallows and chucking the other pieces every which way. She was content  so I went to check on the other kids.  

Never under estimate the power and speed of a 1 year old. When I came back there were lucky charm pieces all over the kitchen floor. I looked down at my princess and gave her a look of disbelief. She replied by holding up a marshmallow towards me to offer it to me. Despite the cereal mess, blue jammies, and stress of friends, family, and work I sat down and accepted the rainbow marshmallow from my generous babe. I then dug my own hand into the bag and pulled out a few pieces. I tossed the cereal pieces to the side and shared the marshmallows with my partner in crime. She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye and gave the best baby belly giggle ever then crawled onto my lap and together we fished for marshmallows. 

Tonight I found the place I am suppose to be. It is not trying to be noticed by friends or family and it is not at the kitchen table doing school work. It is simply sitting criss cross applesauce on the kitchen floor with my sweet smurflike baby eating the marshmallows out of the box of Lucky Charms. 

Thank you, Lauryn for reminding me where my place is in life. It is with you. With your sister, with your brother, and with your dad. The other things will come and go but my family is forever. It is forever my place in life.

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