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Friday, May 2, 2014

In The Fog

I was recently working on some comprehension strategies with a kindergarten student. While reading a book entitled "In the Fog" we read the pictures and the words to help us understand more about the book. One picture that we "read" was a picture of a busy city bridge.  The fog was hovering over the bridge creating a white wall that drivers were blindly driving into. I asked the student, "What is the white stuff in the picture?"  When the answer I received was a blank stare I built some background on what fog was and we found the fog on each picture.

Once back on the page with the picture of the bridge I asked, "What is hanging over the bridge?"  The student correctly answered so I delve in a little deeper.  We discussed how it is difficult to see in the fog and how we could only see part of the bridge because the rest of it was covered in fog.  I then asked a defining question, "Is the bridge still there in the fog even though you can't see it?"  The student confidently answered, "No."  To try to get her thinking about her answer a little more I asked, "If the bridge isn't there where are the cars going to go?"  Blank stare.  I upped my questioning a little more, "Can cars drive in the fog?"  Student replied, "Yes."  So I investigated more, "If the bridge isn't behind the fog will the cars just drive off the bridge once they drive into the fog?"  The student's face lit up and she nodded while saying, "Yes! And fall off to the water!"

I replayed this over and over in my head for the next week.  I think that is what UNI called being a "reflective practitioner" .  However, this lesson gave me insight into life, not just into how to reteach this book.  The more I thought about fog, the bridge, and her responses; the more I realized how relevant the book was to life.

Recently a few patches of thick fog have drooped into our lives.  The gloom of the clouds has obscured our vision of the future.  What we thought was going to be a sunny path became a wall of whiteness and while we know that life will continue on behind the white wall, we do not know what it will bring.  I have learned that life is going to have it's "foggy" moments, days, even years.  Times when it is difficult to understand why things happen or why it is taking longer than you expected to get to where you want to be.

The past couple of weeks I have had difficulty seeing through the fog.  I have questioned whether the bridge really does continue to stretch across the water or if it ends at the wall of fog where we can no longer see.  Through talking with family, friends, and praying I have a sense of peace about the situation.  I have faith that the bridge continues on even though I cannot see it and it will carry me across to the next phase in life.  I know that  God will not let me fall "into the water" and will instead guide my life.  As long as I trust Him, He will help me see through the fog of life and give me assurance that it will eventually lift.  I cannot change His plan for us and I trust there are sunny days, even in the thick of the fog.

A friend sent me this song and I have listened to it repeatedly.  It has helped remind me that everything happens for a reason, even if we do not understand that reason at the current time.

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