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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Game of Motherhood

I follow a lot of insightful blogs: moms, teachers, teachers that are moms, and christian blogs.  While I can't always keep up with all of them I try to read a few that catch my attention each day.  And each day I wonder how in the world these ladies have time to blog so much!  I am envious of their devotion to blogging as well as their ability to keep their lives together enough to find a time to sit down and blog.  They even post about how their "life scale" is always unbalanced.  Yet they inspire me and millions of others with stories of their disorder and chaos.  Funny how someone else's turmoil can give others a sense of calmness and pleasure.  As women it is gratifying to know that other women have the same struggles.  With that in mind, I thought I would share some of the curve balls that have been thrown my way and how I hit a grand slam (or a single in some instances) and carried on with the game of motherhood.

My husband, bless his heart, took a job in another town for the summer doing research in a biology lab (sorry if I totally messed up what you are doing honey!).  He is living away during the week and comes home Friday afternoon through early Monday morning.  That leaves me versus three kids all day every day Monday through Friday.  What.was.I.thinking....

So here it goes-airing my dirty laundry on the Internet in hopes to inspire other readers.

Curve Ball #1: Cooking dinner while giving piano lessons.  

I had 3 piano lessons scheduled from 5:00-6:30 and 3 kids to feed not to mention 3 kids to watch!  Monday is spaghetti night so I had to figure out how to prepare spaghetti and teach piano at the same time.  Here was my solution:

Brilliant, right?  I checked the noodles every now and then and drained them between lessons!  The baby gate was up so the kids couldn't get in the kitchen and the baby played in the basement so I could watch her during my lesson.  I gave myself a few pats on the back for this one.  Home run!!

Well not quite..I did forget about the bread sticks...I just stuffed the cheese back in them and the kids never noticed.

Curve Ball #2:  Baby Gate Blues

I was helping Cailyn in her room in the basement and I heard the baby throwing a fit.  I figured she just wanted to come downstairs so I went up to get her to find this:
I did what every good mom would do and took a picture before helping her.  Out of all my babies, Lauryn is the chubbiest and her rolly thigh was stuck.  My first thought was to rub butter all over her leg and slide it out.  I wanted to try other options first.  I tried to just push it out and that made her cry more.  (sorry baby!)  I tried to move it up to see if the bars had more give.  No luck.  Then I called Cailyn up and while I stretched the two bars outward she pushed Lauryn's leg through.  It worked! No messy butter needed and only a small bruise on the baby.  Phew!  Can't give myself a grand slam on this one as I probably shouldn't have left her upstairs in the first place even if it was for 5 minutes.  I give myself a single considering no food products were used and nothing broke.

Curve ball #3: Pool Trip
I wasn't sure how often I would venture to the public pool with 3 kids on my own but I tried it for the first time last week.  I packed as though I would be gone for weeks-sunscreen, towels, extra clothes, food, water, floatation devices, etc.  I was going in prepared and confident.  Things were going well-Cailyn and Bryce stayed in their allowed area and Lauryn sat with me in the shallow end splashing her chubby (and bruised) legs.  It was bliss!
Then I heard a child screaming.  I ignored it at first.  Then I saw a child running towards me with blood running down her chin and her hand up catching the drips.  I looked around trying to see if a parent was running in to help.  Then I realized it WAS MY CHILD.  Luckily I had a friend next to me who took the baby as I rushed my bleeding daughter out of the water.  No, I didn't stop to take a picture this time!  Before I knew what was happening the pool staff was helping us clean up and taking an accident report.  I can't express how much I appreciate their quick response.  After some ice, water, and a nice long break hanging out with mom on her towel, Cailyn was ready to jump back in with both feet.  We left the pool happy, wet, and hungry.  Double!

Curve Ball #4: The Case of the Cereal Thief and other Messes
If you are a facebook friend of mine you have seen pictures of Lauryn and her cereal.  I have even blogged about Lauryn and her cereal: .  Things haven't changed.  She loves cereal!

I haven't found a good cabinet lock for where we keep our cereal.  I have moved the cereal up to a higher shelf but the big kids always put it back on a low shelf.  Then things like this happen...

And here is her "did I do that?" look:

And after I took this picture my phone died but in the first picture you can see the little feet coming towards the pile of Trix....those little feet didn't stop.  The stomped, clomped, and thumped right through it while the baby laughed and laughed.  Trix is now on the grocery list.

At least the cereal is dry food-easily swept up.  Remember what Monday night is? 

Spaghetti night!  This picture doesn't even show the extent of the mess.  It took me 45 minutes to clean up from this.  I had to pick up every little sticky noodle from the floor, wipe down her seat, the chair her seat is on, and the safety straps of her seat.  Then I had to scrub the kitchen floor.  Thankfully my mom was there and gave her a bath while I did this.  It's a mess but judging by the look on her face this was a grand slam moment!

We are almost done with week 3 of daddy being gone.  4 weeks left to go.  I'm sure I missed many curve balls and I am positive there will be many more.  I take it one day at a time.  I have learned that there isn't a perfect mother out there and I am much more relaxed laughing at my mishaps than I am fretting over how I should have done something differently.  Parenting is a tough game to play but I sure feel like a champ each night when they say their prayers, say "I love you mommy" and hug and kiss me goodnight!

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