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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

We've all had them.  Those godawful days where it seems as though your own shadow is an omen to your next step.  From the moment my alarm went off today, I wanted to toss a white flag in the air and crawl back under the refuge of my blankets.  

I can't place blame on any one thing or person.  It was just one of those stuck behind a slow driver, dreary weather, can't find the shoes you want, too tired, forgot your mascara, got a hang nail, have a headache type of day.  

By mid morning I realized my Spark isn't going to cut it and I needed some more caffeine.  Every single thing in my life was putting me through the Chinese water torture.  One more drip and I was going to snap. 

Luckily I am a well mannered, patient, sweet (?!) person and I was able to control my rage.  After forgetting my materials, muffing up my schedule, finding my zipper down, and dropping a stack of papers all over, I realized it wasn't everyone else, it was me. 

 I was surly.  Grumpy.  Crabby.  Irritable.  CANTANKEROUS.  

The first step fixing a problem is recognizing the problem.  I felt like I was on my way to healing.  I tried to change my way of thinking and move on with my day. After spilling my water, biting my tongue, getting ignored, losing my badge, and getting stuck behind another slow driver;  my baditude returned.  I wanted silence, music, and solitary confinement.  

My only hope was bed.  I needed to escape the day through sleep.  My priority was to pass the time until I could sleep.  The evening was a hit every red light, be late for an appointment, step on a popcorn chicken in Wal-Mart, almost run out of gas, burn your tongue kind of night.  Then I drove.  I drove in silence into the setting sun.  I watched as it disappeared behind a wall of clouds and took a breather.  The day was almost done and nothing catastrophic happened.  I have friends, family, a job, a house, a car.  Life is good.  Just as I teach my students, I took a deep breath in through my nose and exhaled through my mouth as I blew away the frustrations of the day.  

Tomorrow is a new day.  Bring it on.  

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