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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

When Life Gets You Down

We often have bad moments.  Other times we have bad days.  Yet, sometimes we have bad weeks.  At unfortunate times, we have bad years.  Everyone does and each person defines "bad" differently, just as each person reacts and handles difficult times differently.

I would say that I had a bad week.  Obviously the hurricane victims have had a worse week, I'm not trying to make it sound like my bad week tops all of the bad weeks anyone has ever had.  However, for me, for my life; my week was not good.

It was the first full week of school.  I started it out coming off of a very busy weekend working and I was exhausted.  Like a "double monster and a Mtn. Dew in one day" kind of exhausted.  The physical kind of exhausted.  The week ended with me being exhausted.  Only this time it was the "all I want to do is shut people out and be alone" exhausted.  The emotional kind of exhausted.  Probably the worse kind of exhaustion for me.  To top it all off, I also ended the week with bronchitis and sinus infection!

I'm not going to go into details about what happened in the middle of the week.  In my mind it was painful, betraying, and unjust.  I have never felt the need to fight for myself more than I have this week.  Sadly, the week has taught me to trust no one and has shown me who my real friends are.  I am the type of person who goes through life accepting others, trusting their intentions, and truly caring for others.  One of my greatest fears is hurting others, so I try to be careful with my words and actions.  When someone tosses me a handful accusations, blame, and lies; I catch them with a hurtful heart, especially when I have never done anything to deserve that toss.  My week hurt and will continue to for quite some time.

It's time to move on to a new week.  Every bad moment, day, week is a lesson learned.  While I will never understand why this past week happened and will probably never know why or who did this to me, I learned that standing up for myself and moving forward is sometimes the only thing you can do.

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